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Hi, my name is JET-DAISUKE.
I am a Japanese artist living in Tokyo.
On this Web site, you can download my videos and songs (MPEG-4 files).
These are my works.

Everybody wants to be a ROBOTEverybody wants to be a ROBOT
year: 2001
runtime: 5min.
Many robots invade the earth!
What do you do?
It's just like 80s music videos.
The song with vocoder will take you to the machinery world.

year: 2005
runtime: 2m30s
Have you ever edited home movies that you shot?
Perhaps you'll say "Yes, I did it on a computer ".
and burned many DVDs. Those are your important memories.
But this video titled "HOME MOVIE" is not only memories of my family.
This is a music video!
"Child's playing" plays music.
As you know, in many cases, home movies are boring.
But I found the way to change my video into entertainment. Just child's play.

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